Coffee and India-Rubber Culture in Mexico
Quick and Dead To Teachers
Tracts by Dr Gilbert Skeyne Medicinar to His Majesty
Exhibition of Works Afso of the Design for the National Memorial to Queen Victoria
III Automatic Speaking and Writing - A Study
On an Epidemic Skin Disease Resembling Eczema and Pityriasis Rubra in Some Respects Which Occurred Chiefly in the Western District of London During the Summer and Autumn of 1891
Syllabus of Lectures in Anatomy and Physiology for Students of the State Normal and Training School at Cortland N Y
College of Hawaii Biennial Catalogue 1916-1918 No 15
Report of the Organization and First Reunion of the Tri-State Old Settlers Association of Illinois Missouri and Iowa Held Thursday October 2d A D 1884 at Rand Park Keokuk Iowa
The City of Toil and Dreams Verse
Autobiography and Writings
Dogs and Men
Proceedings on the Occasion of Laying the Corner-Stone of the New Library Bulding of the City of Boston November 28 1888
The Worlds Witness to Jesus Christ The Power of Christianity in Developing Modern Civilization
Oregon The Claim of the United States to Oregon With an Appendix Containing the Counter Statement of Mr Pakenham to the American Secretaries of State
Tile Drainage An Explanation of How and Why Tile Will Benefit a Large Percentage of Our Lands and Increase Our Incomes
Deism or Christianity? Four Discourses
Song-Roundels and Games
Phallic Objects Monuments and Remains Illustrations of the Rise and Development of the Phallic Idea
A History of the Old Hundredth Psalm Tune With Specimens
Exercises for Translation Into Latin Prose
Political Parties in the United States 1800-1914 A List of References Reprinted October 1915 from the Bulletin of the New York Public Library of September 1915
How to Live Or Youths Gospel
On Syphonage and Hydraulic Pressure in the Large Intestine
Fancies of Boyhood A Series of Poems Original and Translated
Under the Cedar and Others
Geographical Gleanings
Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science Delivered by the President
Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series No 15 Dreams and Myths A Study in Race Psychology
Mary Magdalene a Poem
Descriptive Catalogue of the Portraits in the Possession of the Royal Society
Alliterative Poem on the Deposition of King Richard II Ricardi Maydiston de Concordia Inter Ric II Et Civitatem London
The Evidence of Things Not Seen I from Nature II from Revelation
Notes on Motor Carriages With Hints for Purchasers and Users
In Memory The Last Sickness Death and Funeral Obsequies of Alexander H Stephens Governor of Georgia
Key to Exercises and Translation of Extracts in Practical French Grammar
The Honor of a Cowboy A Comedy Drama in Four Acts
Occupation for the Sick Or Practical Suggestions to Invalids and Those Who Have the Care of Them
Laws of the State of Michigan Relating to the Public Health
things to Come Practically Inquired Into
A Lecture on National Education Delivered at the Athenaeum Plymouth January 1844
Coast Lines The Geography of Coast Lines
Letters from the Illinois 1820-1821 Containing an Account of the English Settlement at Albion and Its Vicinity and a Refutation of Various Misrepresentations Those More Particularly of Mr Cobbett Pp 1-75
Duty a Book for Schools
Graduate Shool of Yale University
Masters and Slaves
Wireless Telephones and How They Work
Radcliffe College Monographs No 6 a Classified List of Printed Original Materials for English Manorial and Agrarian History During the Middle Ages
Pastoral Offices
The Naval Institutions of a Republic An Address Written for the Irving Literary Institute of the City of Erie Pa
On Translating Homer Last Words A Lecture Given at Oxford
Experimental Studies in Spelling to Determine Whether Continuous Repetition or Repetition After an Interval Is More Effective in Memorizing
Sonny a Christmas Guest Pp 25-135 with Illustrations by Fanny Y Cory
The Spanish Main Or Thirty Days on the Caribbean
A Scriptural Defence of the Doctrine of the Trinity Or a Check to Modern Arianism as Taught by Unitarians Campbellites Hicksites New Lights Universalists and Mormons and Especially by a Sect Calling Themselves Christians
Sir Joshua Reynolds Notes and Observations on Pictures
The Positive School of Criminology Three Lectures Given at the University Given at the University of Naples Italy on April 22 23 and 24 1901
Lectures and Addresses
Le Voyage de Monsieur Perrichon Com die En Quatre Actes
How to Wire Builldings A Manual of the Art of Interior Wiring
The Children of the Parsonage A True Story of Long Ago
Readings and Monologues La Mode
The First Four Voyages of Amerigo Vespucci Translated from the Rare Original Edition (Florence 1505-6)
Calvinism Pure and Mixed A Defence of the Westminster Standards
Honour Triumphant And a Line of Life Two Tracts
The Hand-Book of Taste Or How to Observe Works of Art Especially Cartoons Pictures and Statues
Legend of a Lake
Apple Growing in California A Practical Treatise Designed to Cover Some of the Important Phases of Apple Culture Within the State
Rise of the United Empire Loyalists (a Sketch of American History)
Life and Times of Hon Samuel D Lockwood
On the Sources of Ovids Heroides I III VII X XII a Dissertation
The Labor Union of Today A Study of Its Achievements Aims and Ideals
What Is Contraband of War and What Is Not Comprising All the American and English Authorities on the Subject
Among the Camps or Young Peoples Stories of the War
Bulletin No 24 U S Department of Agriculture Devision of Forestry a Primer of Forestry Part I-The Forest
Little Things and Big A Few Thoughts for Big and Little
Notes on Crystallography and Crystallo-Physics Being the Substance of Lectures Delivered at Yedo During the Years 1876-77
Two Discourses on the Popular Objections to the Doctrine of Election
Exhibition of the Works of Vassili Verestchagin Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue
Alternating Current Wiring and Distribution
Notes on Microscopical Methods for the Use of Laboratory Students in the Anatomical Department of the Cornell University
Little Literary Lights Personal Preferences in Art Literature Flowers Music
Farewell to the Pope! Or Reasons for Renouncing the Church of Rome
The Stage Ancient and Modern Its Tendencies on Morals and Religion A Lecture
Daily Prayers for Families and Schools in Collect Form
Hints for the Young in Relation to the Health of Body and Mind
Study and Practice of French Handbook of Pronunciation for Advanced Grades
Three Rosaries of Our Lady
Kleine Practische Spraakkunst Der Nederlandsche Taal Voor Eerstbeginnenden
Three Masques
Short Notes on the Greek Text of the Gospel of St Mark
Student Life in Trinity College Dublin
Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History Vol 4 Number VII the Flora of the Kurile Islands Pp 203-275
Divine Healing The Origin and Cure of Disease as Taught in the Bible and Explained
Memorial of Rev William W Phillips
A Practical Grammar of the English Language Introductory Lessons
Selections from the Original Editions of Luthers Bible Translations Pp 3-84
Bedrock Education and Employment the Foundation of the Republic
Anton the Man Who Saw
Rienzi A Tragedy in the Acts
Poetry of the Bells
An Essay on the Absolving Power of the Church With Especial Reference to the Offices of the Church of England for the Ordering of Priests and the Visitation of the Sick
Thirteenth Annual Report of the Managers and Officers of the State Asylum for the Insane at Morristown N J for the Year Ending October 31st 1888
In Primrose Time A New Irish Garland
The Dictation Spelling Book Part I
In the Poverty Year A Story of Life in New Hampshire in 1816 Pp 7-78
La Gran Cenobia Comedia
Constituents of the Universe
Progressive Exercises in Greek Iambic Verse
Problems in Differential Calculus Supplementary to a Treatise on Differential Calculus
Prometheus The Firegiver
Bulletin of the National Research Council Funds Available in 1920 in the United States of America for the Encouragement of Scientific Research Vol 2 Part 1 Number 9 March 1921
About Tobacco and Its Deleterious Effects
Monism and Meliorism A Philosophical Essay on Causality and Ethics Pp 1-82
Lectures at St Peters (in 1890) on Some Urinary Disorders Connected with the Bladder Prostate and Urethra
New Songs for Male Quartets
Proceedings of the New York Academy of Medicine At the First Stated Meeting Held in the New Library Hall of the Academy 12 West Thirty-First Street October 2 1879
La Grammaire Com die En Un Acte
Curiosities of Communication The Road the Railway the Electric Telegraph the Sail and the Steamer Ocean Steamers Foreign Mails
Wisdom for the Foolish
Slavery as Recognized in the Mosaic Civil Law Pp 1-83
Report of the Board of Visitors to the United States Naval Observatory 1899
Zaz A Lyric Comedy in Four Acts
Mary Tudor an Historical Drama in Five Acts
Department of the Interior Bureau of Government Laboratories No 32 June 1905
Catalogue of Elegant and Rare Books from the Libraries of Two Well-Known Collectors
Proceedings on the Occasion of Laying the Corner-Stone of the New Library Building of the City of Boston November 28 1888
Bulletin of the University of Minesota Report of the Survey Commission IV
Catalogue of a Collection of Ancient and Modern Stone Implements
City Document No 6 Census of the City of Providence Taken in July 1855
Public Document No 26 Sixtyeth Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Infirmary at Tewksbury Including Report of the Superintendent and Resident Physician for the Year Ending November 30 1913
Hydraulic and Other Tables for Purposes of Sewerage and Water-Supply
About Tobacco and Its Deleterious Effects A Book for Everybody Both Users and Non-Users
Commonwealth or Empire A Bystanders View of the Question Pp1-81
Elements of Pure Arithmetic or Numerical Operations and Their Primary Relationships
Mating in Marriage With Appendix
Bulletin No 21 - 1905 Philippine Normal School Manila P I Catalogue for 1904-5 and Prospectus for 1905-6
Le Mat rialisme
Personal Rights and Sexual Wrongs
The Century Spelling Book A Book on the Study and Use of Words
Mormonism Refuted in the Light of Scripture and History a Testimony to the Historical Church
Town and City Government in Providence
On Combined External and Internal Version
Henn-Ahns German Grammar in Accordance with the Modern German Orthography Number One
Disestablishment and Disendowment What Are They?
Hints on an Improved and Self-Paying System of National Education Suggested from the Working of a Village School in Hampshire With Observations from Personal Inspection on the Irish National Schools
Ballads and Lyrics of Socialism 1883-1908
Third Annual Report of Factory Inspectors Made to the General Assembly at Its January Session 1897 Pp 7-82
Memoir of Increase Sumner Governor of Massachusetts With a Genealogy of the Sumner Family
The Girard College and Its Founder Containing the Biography of Mr Girard
Electra A Tragedy in One Act Pp 7-82
George Cardwell Or a Month in a Country Parish
Moores Columbarium
Some Thoughts Concerning a Proper Method of Studying Divinity
Reagents Reactions Known by the Names of Their Authors
Liberty in Literature Testimonial to Walt Whitman
Primary Teaching in Rio de Janeiro
Memorial of the Dedication of Yuiitzukwan Tokyo Japan March 25th 1894 Catalogue of Senshin 1893-1894
Our Dear Mother Country or the Love and Duty of a Citizen And John Bull Admonished
Word Lists of New Normal Readers Given in the Order in Which the Words First Occur in the Lessons
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of Abraham Lincoln
Applied Psychology V8 Mind Mechanism
First Editions of the Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne Together with Some Manuscripts Letters and Portraits
Malarial Fever Memoir I
Pali Miscellany Part I Pp 5-82
Making a Tennis Court
Progressive Exercises for Speaking German A Supplement to All German Grammars
Manual of Corn Judging
Wrinkles in Electric Lighting
Spherical Tables and Diagram with Their Application to Great Circle Sailing and Various Problems in Nautical Astronomy
From Muscatine Verses
Talmudic Legends Hymns and Paraphrases
Renascence and Other Poems
Notes on Crystallography and Crystallo-Physics
The Bible Its Influence Its Relations to Republican Government and Its Necessity as a Text-Book of Ethics in the Public Schools
Mary Stuart A Play
Clinical Treatises on the Symptomatology and Diagnosis of Disorders of Respiration and Circulation Part III Angina Pectoris
Theodore Parker A Lecture
Emendations in Aeschylus With a Few Others in Sophocles and Euripides and One in the Gospel of St Matthew
The Test and Study Speller Second Book
Institute for Government Research Service Monographs of the United States Government No 6 The Federal Board for Vocational Education Its History Activities and Organization
Voltagal Genius of Electricity Or Ned Bensons Adventures and Talk with One of the Genii
Rub iy t of Omar Khayy m A New Metrical Version Rendered Into English from Various Persian Sources
Songs and Symphonies
Davids Hainous Sinne Heartie Repentance Heavie Punishment
List of English Fiction Including Juvenile Fiction 1907
Hymns on the Litany
Synopsis of Provisions of Connecticut City Charters
The Last American A Fragment from the Journal of Khan-Li
Centenary Volume the Organisation of Our Sabbath-Schools
Part II Penitence With Rules for Guidance and Hints for a First Confession Gathered from the Writings of the Reverend Edward Bouverie Pusey
Letters of a Plattsburg Patriot
On Ringworm An Inquiry Into the Pathology Causes and Treatment
Extracts from Livy Part I the Caudine Disaster
History of Captain Roswell Preston of Hampton Connecticut His Ancestry and Descendants
Hours of France in Peace and War
Henry George and His Gospel Social Reformers Series No 2
let There Be Light Or the Story of the Reformation
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Thomas H Herndon Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate 48th Congress 1st Session
An Essay Upon the Treatment of the Deep and Excavated Ulcer With Cases
Addresses and Proceedings at the Centennial Anniversary of the Congregational Church in Sanbornton NH November 12 and 13 1871
The Present Crisis of the Church of God And the Momentous Inquiry
A Plea for Religious Liberty and the Rights of Conscience An Argument Delivered in the Supreme Court of the United States April 28 1886 in Three Cases of Lorenzo Snow Plaintiff in Error V the United States
Lightsome and the Little Golden Lady
Romeo and Juliet a Tragedy in Five Acts as Arranged for the Stage by Henry Irving
Sixteenth Annual Report of the Directors of the American College and Education Society July 14 1890
First Lessons in the Maori Language With a Short Vocabulary
Songs in the Valley by Some Who Went Through It
Inquiries Concerning the Structure of the Semitic Languages Part II
Changes Produced in the Nervous System by Civilization
Bulletin of National Research Council Vol 2 March 1921 No 9
Ancestor-Worship and Japanese Law
Annual Report of the Trustees of the State Library
Bulletin of the American Ethnological Society Vol I
Report of the Acting Committee to the Standing Committee of West India and Merchants
The Principles of Collegiate Education Discussed and Elucidated in a Description of Gnoll College Vale of Neath South Wales A National Institution Adapted to the Wants of the Age
The Wilderness A Comedy in Three Acts
England a Continental Power from the Conquest to Magna Charta 1066-1216
An Oration on the Life Character and Services of John Caldwell Calhoun Delivered on the 21st Nov 1850 in Charleston S C at the Request of the City Council
Record of the Services of Graduates Non-Graduates of Amherst College in the Union Army or Navy During the War of the Rebellion
Outlines of the History of Early Babylonia
On the Silurian Formation in the Pentland Hills
Songs by the Way
Three Thousand Practice Words With an Appendix Containing Rules for Spelling Rules for Capitals
Private and Family Prayers Adapted from the Liturgy of the United Church of England and Ireland
The Reviewer Reviewed Or Doctor Brownlee Versus the Bible Versus the Catholic Church Versus Fathers Ancient and Modern Versus His Own Creed Versus Himself
Captain Gingers Fairy
Cornell University Cornell Studies in Classical Philology No IX Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theories
Castlecary and the Great Roman Wall Their History Remains and Traditions A New Chapter in the History of Scotland
Concerning Spiritual Gifts Three Addresses Spoken to the Candidates for Holy Orders in the Diocese of Ely
The Stone Church Bell and Other Poems And Other Poems
Websters Work for the Union A Paper Read Before the Fortnightly Club Newark New Jersey April 1914
Smithsonian Institution United States National Museum Bulletin of the United States National Museus No 55 A Contribution to the Oceanography of the Pacific
Lecture on the Religious Excavations of Western India Buddhist Brahmanical and Jaina Including the Details of Those of Elephanta and Karla With Descriptive and Historical Remarks
What Shall We Say? Being Comments on Current Matters of War and Waste
Quellen Des Livius Und Dionysios F r Die lteste Geschichte Der R mischen Republik(245-260) Inaugural-Dissertation Die
In Chancery An Original Fantastic Comedy in Three Acts
Dangers and Chemistry of Fire for Grammar Schools
Baldur the Beautiful
Amateur Portraiture at Home
M Tulli Ciceronis Cato Maior de Senectute Pp 1-79
Original Essays
Hints on Language in Connection with Sight-Reading and Writing in Primary and Intermedfiate Schools
The Gary Public Schools Physical Training and Play
Addresses and Proceedings at the Dedication of Candias Soldiers Monument Presented to the Town by Hon Frederick Smyth October 13 1893
Political Parties in the United States 1800-1914 A List of References
Freedom Truth and Beauty Sonnets
Fearchair-A-Ghunna The Ross-Shire Wanderer His Life and Sayings
Lyrics Legends of Christmas-Tide
The Hygiene of Air and Water Being a Popular Account of the Effects of the Impurities of Air and Water Their Detection and the Modes of Remedying Them
Standing Orders of the Legislative Council
Poems Descriptive and Lyrical
The Eastern Question Solved A Vision of the Future
Henry Irving Actor and Manager a Criticism of a Critics Criticism
Temple Bar The City Golgotha a Narrative of the Historical Occurrences of a Criminal Character Associated with the Present Bar
Natural and Rational Method Practical Study of French Pronunciation
Don Quixote Heroic Comedy in Five Acts
On Some Deficiencies in Our English Dictionaries Being the Substance of Two Papers Read Before the Philological Society Nov 5 and Nov 19 1857 Pp 1-77
The Minnesota Capitol Official Guide and History
Language for Little People
A Short Account of the University of Glasgow Prepared in Connection with the Celebration of the Ninth Jubilee in June 1901
Sketches of the Progress of Freedom
Tree-Top Mornings
Children of Phantasy
The Sentence Method of Teaching Reading Writing and Spelling A Manual for Teachers
Una Lettera Glottologica
U S Department of Agriculture Bulletin No 165 Application of Some of the Principles of Heredity to Plant Breeding
Early Recollections of Oxford
Monographs on Biochemistry the Chemical Constitution of the Proteins In Two Paerts Part II
Lone Land Lights
New Song Album
Lectures on the Physical Examination of the Mouth and Throat
Observations on the Visiting Superintendence and Government of Female Prisoners
Poems and Verses
Self-Proving Examples in the Four First Rules of Arithmetic Simple Compound
Scrambled Eggs
Burnss Chloris A Raminiscence
Calendar of Charters and Documents Relating to the Abbey of Robertsbridge Co Sussex Preserved at Penshurst Among the Muniments of Lord de Lisle and Dudley 1873
Loose Pebbles
Rose Buds A New-Year Offering to My Friends
On the Laws and Customs Relating to Marriage Being a Paper Read Before the Dialectical Society
Jean A Play in Prologue Three Acts
The Ramble Melrose to Flodden
Letters to American Boys
Inferences from Haunted Houses and Haunted Men
Catalogue of a Loan Collection of Ancient and Historic Articles Copley Hall Boston April 19-21 1897
Martyr A Tragedy of Belguim Drama in Five Acts
Homoepathia Revealed A Brief Exposition of the Whole System Adapted to General Comprehension
Science and Art Department of Council on Education Bethnal Green Branch Museum Catalogue of the Collection of Works of Art Lent for Exhibition in the Bethnal Green Branch of the South Kensington Museum by Sir Richard Wallace June 1872
Trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun Summer of 1905
Spiritualism in America
On Letter Writing
By-Gones A Book of Verse
Proceedings of the First General Convention to Consider the Questions Involved in Mosquito Extermination
Mother Earths Children The Frolics of the Fruits and Vegetables
Benediction and Other Verses Pp 1-94
Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire Two Lectures Delivered at Trinity College Dublin Pp 1-88
Supplementary Essays on the Cause and Prevention of Dental Caries
Newmanianism A Preface to the Second Edition of Philomythus
Lifes Verses
A Lecture on Ensilage Its Influence Upon British Agriculture Delivered Under the Auspices of H R H the Prince of Wales at the South Kensington Museum Southdown Sheep Their History Breeding and Management
Reminiscences 1854-1908
Report of the Attorney General of the State of California
Three Little Daughters of the Revolution
Business Methods and the War
Tables for Facilitating Arithmetical Calculations Intended for Calculating the Proportionate Charges on the Parishes in Poor Law Unions and Which Are Also Useful for Various Other Purposes
Domestic Corporation Laws of Alabama 1908
Letters from the Dead to the Dead Collected Edited and Arranged with Notes Comments and Glossary
Fourth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Commerce and Labor of the State of Georgia for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31 1915
On Diseases of the Prostate Gland
Exercises on the German Grammar
State of Connecticus Public Document No 40 Third Biennial Report of the Attorney-General for the Two Years Ended January 3 1905
Saint Helena and Other Poems
Property in Land A Passage-At-Arms Between the Duke of Argyll and Henry George
Two Orations Against Taking Away Human Life
History of the County Buildings of Northamptonshire I -The County Gaol II - The County Hall III - The Judges Lodgings and County Bridewells
Amateur Theatricals
Relief for the People of France Report of the Committee Appointed by the Chamber of Commerce of New-York May 1872
Strengthening Modifiers of Adjectives in Middle High German
St Bernardine A Dramatic Poem
Last Poems of James Russell Lowell
The Ferret A Book on Education Free from Politics Christianity Other Religions or Baised Opinions
Our Charades and How We Played Them
Deer Godchild
Devonshire Other Original Poems With Some Account of Ancient Customs Superstitions and Traditions
Ryhmes of a Roughneck
Questions Adapted to the Text of the New Testament Designed for Children in Sunday Schools With Hints for Explanation and Remarks by the Teacher No 2 - Luke and John
Catalogue of a Series of Original Designs Cartoons and Drawings
State of Indiana Fourteenth Annual Report of the State Board of Forestry 1914 to the Governor
In Memoriam of the Late James Bell English Master in the High School Glasgow
Shadows of the Great Sacrifice Of the Altar the Bekah and the Shoe
Outlines of Norwegian Grammar with Expercises Being a Help Towards Acquiring a Practical Knowledge of the Language
Comfort for Small Incomes
Lyrics of the Southland
Religious Cults Associated with the Amazons
Africanderism The Old and the Young Letters to John Bull Esquire
The Scarlet Stigma A Drama in Four Acts
Punctuation and Letter-Writing Containing Also the Rules for the Use of Capital Letters a Practical Treatise for the Class-Room and the Private Student
Two Missionary Priests at Mackinac A Lecture Delivered at the Village of Mackinac for the Benefit of St Annes Mission in August 1888 The Parish Register of the Mission of Michilimackinac A Paper Read Before the Chicago Literary Club in March 1889
Freshwater Fishing in Great Britain Other Than Trout or Salmon Pp 3-87
Bureau of Education Circular of Information No 8 Whole Number 202 1893 the Spelling Reform Pp 5-85
Agricultural and Administrative Reform in Bengal
How Readest Thou? Luke X26 Or the First Two Chapters of Genesis Considered in Regard to the Direct Text
The Joy Bringer Fifty Three Melodies of the One-In-Twain February-March MDCCCLXXXVI
Parsing Simplified An Introduction and Companion to All Grammars Consisting of Short and Easy Rules ( with Parsing Lessons to Each)
Notes on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon as the Basis of a Revision of the Common English Version And a Revised Version with Notes Pp1-87
Optical Problems
On the Stability of the Motion of Saturns Rings
Report of a Hearing Before the Committee on the Judiciary of the House of Representatives March 23 1900
German Composition With a Review of Grammar and Syntax and with Notes and a Vocabulary
Charles Thayer Lincoln A Memorial
Report of the Entomological Society of Ontario for the Year 1883
Tables Showing the Superannuation Allowances to the Civil Servants of the Crown
Feu Le Boulevart Du Temple R surrection pistolaire
Eucharistic Devotions with Preparations and Thanksgivings for Young Persons Unconfirmed or Not Communicating
Engineering Applications of Higher Mathematics Part I Problems on Machine Design
Don Quixote Heroic Comedy in Five Acts
Joseph Augustine Benton In Memorial
Within Sight of Home A Series of Readings for the Aged
Mephistopheles A Profanation
Annual Report of the Commissioners of Emigration of the State of New York for the Year Ending December 31 1863
Original Poetry
A-Hunting of the Deer and Other Essays
That Demon Gold
Hockey as a Game for Women
Ex-Presidents of the National Amateur Press Association Sketches
Union League April 27th 1892 Banquet in Commemoration of the Seventieth Anniversary of the Birthday of Ulysses S Grant
Reuben and Other Poems
Plain Lectures on the Holy Communion
Instructions for Forreine Travell 1642
Health Primers the Skin and Its Troubles
Patriotic Pageants of Today The Answer the Torch When Liberty Calls the Call to the Youth of America
Pure Logic Or the Logic of Quality Apart from Quantity With Remarks on Booles System and on the Relation of Logic and Mathematics
Municipal London 1900
Jesus Said Questions of Life Answered by the One Who Alone Speaks with Authority
The Study of History Two Lectures
On the Advantages of the Starched Apparatus in the Treatment of Fractures and Diseases of Joints
The Home Squadron Under Commodore Conner in the War with Mexico Being a Synopsis of Its Services
Report of WC Hendricks to the Penological Commission of California
Questions for Examination on Tytlers Elements of General History and Dr Nares Continuation
Some Peculiarities of Speech in Mississippi
Report on the Geology and Natural Resources of the Area Included in the Northwest Quarter-Sheet Number 122 of the Ontario and Quebec Series Comprising Portions of the Counties of Pontiac Carleton and Renfrew
Congregationalists Who They Are and What They Do
A Brief Description of the Plague With Observations on Its Prevention and Cure
Panama Roughneck Ballads
Forty-First Annual Report of the Womans Board of Missions for the Pacific Islands Presented June 6 1911 with the Constitution and By-Laws
Making a Rose Garden
Comus lAllegro
Tristram Iseult A Drama in Four Acts
List of North American Cicindelidae in the Harris Collection
The English Bible and Our Duty with Regard to It A Plea for Revision
The Palfrey A Love-Story of Old Times
Leisure Musings Consisting of Original Poems on Pleasant Subjects
Lessons on Familiar Philippine Animals (Part One) Bulletin No 22-1905
Our Bheel Mission in India An Account
Relaci n de la Jornada y Descubrimiento del R o Manu (hoy Madre de Dios) for Juan A#769lvarez Maldonado En 1567
Alphabetical List of the Chinese and Japanese Emperors
Leaves from the Valley
The Pigeon A Fantasy in Three Acts
Songs and Birthday Greetings
English Kings in a Nutshell An Aid to the Memory
Much ADO about Nothing A Comedy in Five Acts as Arranged for the Stage
Rhymes of a Tropic Tramp
In the Gods Shadow
The Ackley Pilgrims Nine Weeks Trip Through Europe Summer of 92
Memories of a Concecrated Life Or a Memorial Sketch
General Henry Goddard Thomas 1837-1897 A Memorial
Bubonic Plague Its Course and Symptoms and Means of Prevention and Treatment According to the Latest Scientific Disgoveries
Sweet Hours
Curve Tracing in Cartesian Coordinates Pp 1-83
Uitspraakleer Der Nederlandsche Taal
Buddhism and Immortality
A Letter to a Gentleman of Baltimore In Reference to the Case of the REV Mr Duncan Pp3-90
General Specifications for Highway Bridge Superstructure
The Rudiments of the Art of Logic Literally Translated from the Text of Aldrich with Explanatory Notes
Bunker Hill The Story Told in Letters from the Battle Field by British Officers Engaged
Diantha Goes the Primrose Way And Other Verses
Advice to Proprietors on the Care of Valuable Pictures Painted in Oil with Instructions for Preserving Cleaning and Restoring Them When Damaged or Decayed
Notes on the Greek Text of the Epistle of Paul to Philemon as the Basis of a Revision of the Common English Version And a Revised Version with Notes Pp 3-87
Annals of the Cathedral of St Coleman Cloyne
Lectures on the Urine and on the Pathology Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Diseases
Report of the Commissioners of Agriculture and Forestry Honolulu June 30 1902 (December 31st 1902 Pp 1-19)
Elements of Algebra for the Use of St Pauls School Southsea and Adapted to the General Objects of Education
Songs of the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Pp 1-80
Memorabilia of Edward Miles Brown
Some Observations Upon the Law of Ancient Demesne
American Political Philosophy An Inquiry as to the Remedies for Social and Political Evils Proposed by Henry George and Others
Stedfast Adherence to the Church of England Recommended and Enforced in Three Village Sermons and a Village Story
The Canterbury Pilgrims An Opera
The Red Book of Menteith Reviewed In Reply to Charges of Literary Discourtesy Made Against the Reviewer
The Ajax With Short English Notes
Extracts from the Laws of the United States Relating to Currency and Finance
An Inaugural Address on the Study of the English Laws of Real Property Delivered in the Hall of Grays Inn on Thursday the 4th of November 1847
Quantities and Measurements How to Calculate and Take Them in Bricklayers Masons Plasterers Plumbers Painters Paperhangers Gilders Smiths Carpenters and Joiners Work
Laboratory Manual in Field Crops
Civil Government Simplified A Text Book Adapted to Classes in Americanization
Historical Sketch of the Mining Law in California
Sermon Reading From the Note Book of the Octogenarian Traveller
Taking Cold
John Marshall An Address Delivered on February 4 1901
Every Man in His Humour a Play Written by Ben Jonson
The Harvey Lectures Delivered Under the Auspices of the Harvey Society of New York 1919-1920 Series XV
Intuitive Calculations The Most Concise Methods Ever Published Designed for the Use of All Classes
Fanny with Other Poems
D n an Deirg Agus Tiomna Ghuill (Dargo and Gaul) Two Poems from Dr Smiths Collection Entitled the Sean D na
Vacation Thoughts on Capital Punishments
The Art of Literature A Series of Essays
Ancient Ideals in Modern Life Four Lectures
William Dawson The Yorkshire Farmer and Eloquent Preacher
Health Insurance Its Relation to the Public Health Public Health Bulletin No 76 March 1916
The Forest Tree Culturist A Treatise on the Cultivation of American Forest Trees
The Middle English Ideal of Personal Beauty As Found in the Metrical Romances Chronicles and Legends of the XIII XIV and XV Centuries
Young Folks Library of Choice Literature Buds Stems and Roots
Annals of the Life and Work of William Shakespeare Collected from the Most Recent Authorities
Aunt Marthas Corner Cupboard
Transactions of the Epidemiological Society of London New Series Vol VI Session 1886-87
Altnordische Grammatik
Elements of Plane Trigonometry with Its Application to Mensuration of Heights and Distances Surveying and Navigation
City Legends
Guide to the Galleries of Mammalia (Mammalian Osteological Cetacean) in the Department of Zoology of the British Museum (Natural History)
Die Realien Bei Horaz Heft 4
Madagascar of Today A Sketch of the Island with Chapters on Its Past History and Present Prospects
Catalogue of Works in Alcove of North American Languages
Outlines of Medical Diagnosis Prepared for the Use of Students at the Harvard Medical School Boston
On the Effects of Certain Inactive Substances on the Optical Activity of Pinene
Register of the Alumni of the Leland Stanford Junior University from 1892-1899
Sighs of Hope
Sovereign and Quasi-Sovereign States Their Debts to Foreign Countries
The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Organized November 11 1862 Incorporated December 4 1862
Treatise on the Working and Management of Steam Boilers and Engines
Remarks and Documents Relating to the Preservation and Keeping of the Public Archives
Collects from the Liturgy of the Church of England for the Leading Sundays and Other Feasts and Fast Throughout the Year
Report of the Commissioner of Education for Porto Rico 1911 Pp 175-253
A Silver Cord-Loosed In Memoriam Mary Stoddard Johnson
Selections from Private Memoranda Letters of Louisa Pease Who Died August 12 1861
An Essay on the Credibility of Swedenborg In Which His Claims as the Announcer of the Dispensation New Jerusalem
Action Imitation and Fun Series IV Primer the Three Bears
How to Teach Elementary Arithmetic Grubes Method of Teaching Arithmetic Explained with a Large Number of Practical Hints and Illustrations
The Norsk Nightingale Being the Lyrics of a Lumberyack
Microscopic Examinations of the Blood And Vegetations Found in Variola Vaccina and Typhoid Fever
On the Reclamation and Protection of Agricultural Land
History and Ecclesiastical Relations of the Churches of the Presbyterial Order at Amoy China
Industrial Education in the Elementary School
Firm Unto the End Or Brief Memorials of the Grace of God in Confirmation
Echoes from the Gnosisthe Gnostic Crucifixion Vol VII Pp 9-83
Catalogue of the Specimens of Amphibia in the Collection of the British Museum Part II Batrachia Gradientia Etc
John Gilley Maine Farmer and Fisherman
Extracts from Various Authors And a Letter Detailing a Fatal Banditti Adventure in Asia Minor in 1845
An Atlas of the Bacteria Pathogenic in Man With Descriptions of Their Morphology and Modes of Microscopic Examination
LArt Du Papier Et Le Papier dArt Enqu te Pr s Des Artistes Fran ais Les Papiers a la Forme dArches
Remarks During a Journey to the East Indies
Patent Law and Practice Showing the Mode of Obtaining and Opposing Grants Disclaimers Confirmations and Extensions of Patents
Letters from Abroad
Crime and Punishment The Mark System Framed to Mix Persuasion with Punishment and Make Their Effect Improving Yet Their Operation Severe
Antiquity and Duration of the World Pp 1-75
Thirty-Fourth Annual Report of the Womans Board of Missions for the Pacific Islands
The Law of Fraternities and Societies A Book of Interest to Masons Odd Fellows Red Men Druids Chosen Friends Foresters Knights of Pythias Members of A O U W Royal Arcanum K of H L of H and of All Similar Organizations
Argument Before the Board of Railroad Commissioners of Massachusetts in Behalf of the Lexington Boston Street Railway Company and the Newton Street Railway Company in Re Petition of Waltham Street Railway Company Pp 1-88
Diary of My European Trip
Silent Love A Poem
Vanity Verses
In Vivid Gardens Songs of the Woman Spirit Pp 1-71
Practical Centring Treating of the Practice of Centring Arches
Five Points of Faith
Is Suicide a Sin? Robert G Ingersolls Famous Letter
Numerical Problems in Descriptive Geometry For Class and Drawing Room Practice
Narcissa or the Road to Rome in Verona
History of the Washington Association of New Jersey
Ancient Hymns and Poems Chiefly from the Latin
Within the Wicket Gate Or Beginning to Live for Christ a Book for Young Christians
Board of Trade Department of Science and Art Catalogue of a Collection Works of Decorative Art Being a Selection from the Museum at Marlborough House November 1856
Public Works Reform in India
Index to Full Bench Rulings of the Calcutta High Court from 1862 to the Present Date
Reply to Dr Boones Vindication of Comments on the Translation of Ephes I A Letter on the Same Subject from J Legge to Dr Tidman
Afterglow Later Poems
On Nasal Catarrh Its Symptoms Causes Complications Prevention Treatment Etc with Illustrative Cases
Practical English for New Americans
Addresses at the Induction of Rev Francis L Patton the Presbyterian Theological Seminary of the North-West
John Wilsons Prose Style An Undergraduate Thesis
First Supplement to a Manual of the Writings in Middle English 1050-1400 Additions and Modifications to September 1918 Pp 953-1037
Historical Record of the Governor-Generals Body Guard and Its Standing Orders
Scientific Singing A Study of the Voice from a Logical Common-Sense Basis
Democracy in France January 1849
Classified Biblical Extracts Or the Holy Scriptures Analyzed Pp 9-81
Anecdotes from Roman English and French History
History Reader for Elementary Schools Arranged with Special Reference to Holidays Part V Vol 5
Notes on the Authenticity of Ossians Poems
From the Cup of Silence and Other Poems
Songs of the Glens of Antrim
The Philosophy of Special Providences A Vision
Isidor Rayner (Late a Senator from Maryland) Memorial Addresses Delivered in the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Sixty-Second Congress Third Session
Dick the Newsboy
Ella Herbert Or Self-Denial
President Roosevelts Coup dEtat The Panama Affair in a Nutshell
A Visit to Connaught in the Autumn of 1847 A Letter Addressed to the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends Dublin
Cincinnati Prints from the Etchings of ET Hurley
Alumn Graduate School Yale University 1894-1920
Macaulays Essay on Milton
The Hermits in Dixie A Musical Comedy in Three Acts
Memories of the Campaign of Santiago June 6 1898-Aug 18 1898
Popery Unmasked and Her Supporters Exposed in Speeches Delivered at the Popish Meeting Dec 5 1828
The Sewage Question in California Report of the State Engineer Wm Ham Hall to the Board of Directors of the Stockton Insane Asylum on the Sewarage for the Institution in Their Charge
Steam to Australia Its General Advantages Considered The Different Proposed Routes for Connecting London and Sydney Compared And the Expediency of Forming a Settlement at Cape York in Torres Strait Pointed Out in a Letter to the Right Hon Earl Grey
Book Treasures of M cenas
Christ Among the Cattle
Belle Marshall Lockes Original Monologues and Sketches
The Teeth Their Formation Diseases Treatment A Popular and Scientific Guide for the General Public
Beauty and the Beast Or a Rough Outside with a Gentle Heart a Poem
One Womans Work for Farm Women The Story of Mary A Mayos Part in Rural Social Movements
Engedi Or David in the Wilderness (Mount of Olives) A Sacred Drama
Address Delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Geological Society of London
Proximate Analysis of Plants and Vegetable Substances
The Hawaiian Portion of the Polynesian Collections in the Peabody Museum of Salem Special Exhibition August-November 1920
Lessons on Fire Prevention Part II
Adventures in California and Nicaragua in Rhyme A Truthful Epic
A Primer of the Science of Internationalism With Special Reference to University Debates
Rev Edward Taylor 1642-1729
the Faith Once Delivered to the Saints Or Doctrinal Experimental and Practical Godliness Vindicated and Enforced
Oak Apples Otherwise Double Acrostics And buried Cities
Chinese Without a Teacher Being a Collection of Easy and Useful Sentences in the Mandarin Dialect with a Vocabulary
Transparency Painting on Linen
Two Books of Song Vol II in the Sunshine
Playhours in London
Octavia and New Poems
Hints to Company Officers on Their Military Duties
The American Primary School Arithmetic Designed for the Use of Pupils in Primary and Intermediate Schools
Bridges and Byways
Anthony Brewers the Love-Sick King
Personal Rights Speeches of PA Taylor Esq
The Abolition of the Secrecy of Party Funds The Origin of the Movement Its Purpose and Effect 62d Congress 2D Session Senate Document No 495
Guide to the Study of Accounting
Memoranda on Fifty Pictures Selected from a Collection of Works of the Ancient Masters
Kase Etsuki or the Retainer Restored a Memoir
University Bulletin No 37 Addresses Delivered Before the California Teachers Association at Riverside December 28-31 1891
Experimental Pharmacology A Laboratory Guide for the Study of the Physiological Action of Drugs
The Liver the Great Purifying Organ of the Body Its Importance to Health
Memorial Address on the Life and Character of the Hon Jacob Collamer
Family Memorials
Report on the Difference of Longitude Between Washington and St Louis Pp 6-39 Report on Observation of Enckes Comet Pp 8-47
Sunny Memories Part I
The History of the Convict Hulk Success and Success Prisoners A Vivid Fragment of Colonial History
Life at Three-Score A Sermon Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church Philadelphia November 28 1858
Log-Book of Timothy Boardman
Crowning an Ideal A Story of the World War Pp 9-93
Prize Poems and Others
Adunanza Solenne Della R Accademia Della Crusca Tenuta Il 13 Settembre del 1868
Statement of the Society for the Protection of Animals Liable to Vivisection On the Report of the Royal Commission on Vivisection
Communion Wine and Bible Temperance Being a Review of Dr Thos Lauries Article in the Bibliotheca Sacra of January 1869
A Snug Little Kingdom A Comedy of Bohemia in Three Acts
Divorce Abolished
Publications of the University of Pennsylvania Series in Mathematics No 2 The Constructive Developmant of Group-Theory with a Bibliography
Iter Hispanicum
In Memoriam of Mary C Ford of Sound Beach Connecticut Pp 11-89
On Setbacks and Other Inspirational Fragments of a Cheerful Philosophy for the Business Man and Business Woman Pp 1-91
Inductive Elementary Physical Science with Inexpensive Apparatus and Without Laboratory Equipment
Home-Made Verse
Edith A Play in Five Acts
Widow-Burning A Narrative
Opinion of the Justices of the Supreme Court Relative to Chapter 800 of the Public Laws (the Narragensset Indians) Given to the Senate at the January Session 1898
The Elements of the Differential Calculus Founded on the Method of Rates or Fluxions Part Second
The Poets of the Elizabethan Age A Selection of Their Most Celebrated Songs and Sonnets
Development of Manual Training in the United States
Obituary Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon William R King of Alabama Vice President of the U S
Echoes from Naples and Other Poems
The Masters Greatest Monosyllables Come Go Do Lo
Public Document No 11 Twenty-Seventh Annual Report of the Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners
Marine Insurance Premium Tables from 1 to 1000 at 2 6 Per Cent to 20 Guineas Per Cent
Home and Foreign Birds A Book for Young Children Picture Reading Books
Athenian Political Commissions a Dissartation
United States Department of Agriculture Bulletin No 879 the Mosaic Disease of Cucurbits Washington D C November 15 1920
Do Animals Think?
The Parchment Paper Series No VII Discriminate a Companion to Dont a Manual for Guidance in the Use of Correct Words and Phrases in Ordinary Speech
Elementary Organic Analysis The Determination of Carbon and Hydrogen
Selection and Preparation of Food Laboratory Guide
How to Use a Galvanic Battery in Medicine and Surgery a Discourse
Poems and Ballads of Young Ireland
Via Crucis Record of a Divine Life and Picture of a Divine Death
Thirty-Fourth Annual Report of the President of Harvard College to the Overseres Exhibiting the State of the Institution for the Academical Year 1858-59
The Little Child at the Breakfast Table At the Breakfast Table Days and Seasons Little Prayers for Morning Bed-Time and Household Thanksgivings
Memoir of WB Kimber
Fifty Years of Church Music
Three Lectures Delivered Before the Michigan State Agricultural Society at Its Annual Meeting at Lansing January 17 1865 Pp 1-93
Memoir of Mrs Hincksman Late of Lytham Lancashire
Guide to Sowerbys Models of British Fungi in the Department of Botany British Museum (Natural History)
Answers to Questions on the Instruction of Musketry and the Hythe Papers
Widows Wisdom
American Historical Association Officers Committees Act of Incorporation Constitution Organization and Activities List of Members February 1904
In Latinum (Pensa in Latinum Sermonem Vertenda) for Academies and High Schools
Views in Suffolk Norfolk and Northamptonshire Illustrative of the Works of Robert Bloomfield Accompanied with Description To Which Is Annexed a Memoir of the Poets Life
The Character of Jesus Forbidding His Possible Classification with Men
Christianity and Emancipation Or the Teachings and the Influence of the Bible Against Slavery
Charlie Alexander A Study in Personality Pp 7-94
The Glasgow University Library Notes on Its History Arrangements and Aims
Little Children in Eden
Children Arithmetics by Grades Globe Series Third Book Fourth Year Intermediate Principles
The Adventure of Life Being the (William Belden Noble Lectures) for 1911
Life Beyond the Grave Described by a Spirit Through a Writing Medium
Autumn Leaves from an Eastern Maple A Collection of Songs and Verses for the Home Folks
Enoch Arden Etc
National Conventions of the Democratic and Republican Parties from 1832 to 1856 Respectively
Links with the Absent Or Chapters on Correspondence
Sir Charles Henry Frankland Baronet Or Boston in the Colonial Times
The Way to Christ And the Walk in Christ
The Progress of Beguilement to Romanism A Personal Narrative
Memoir of Charles H Russell 1796-1884
Manual for Training in Worship
Maximum Stresses in Framed Bridges
Ingersollism From a Secular Point of View a Lecture Delivered in Association Hall New York Music Hall Boston In Philadelphia Chicago St Louis and in Over Six Hundred of the Principal Lecture Courses of the United States and Canada
The Continuity of the Church of England Before and After Its Reformation in the Sixteenth Century with Some Account of Its Present Condition
Thomas Stanley His Original Lyrics Complete in Their Collated Readings of 1647 1651 1657
Muggleton College Its Rise and Fall Pp 1-166
Speculations on the Mode and Appearances of Impregnation in the Human Female With an Examination of the Present Theories of Generation
Richelieu Or the Broken Heart an Historical Tale To Which Is Added Sketches from the Footlights
Nineveh and Other Poems
Shakespeares First Part of King Henry VI with Preface Glossary
Ink in Bloom Poems
Code of Canons of the Episcopal Church in Scotland
Diphtheria and Other Affections of the Throat
Key to a Chart of the Successive Geological Formations with an Actual Section from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
Curtis Bay Its Superior Advantages and Admirable Location as the Only Existing and Available Deep Water Harbor Contiguous to the City of Baltimore
Master Boiler Makers Association Official Reports Prepared by Committees for the Thirteenth Annual Convention
Graduate Courses a Handbook for Graduate Students
No Politics But the Citys Good How Should the Franchise Question Be Settled?
Ecclesiastical Polity The Government and Communion Practised by the Congregational Churches
Before the Joint Commission of the United States and Mexico in the Matter of the Claim of the Lower California Company Memorial Exhibits
Sir William Hamilton the Man and His Philosophy Two Lectures Delivered Before the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution January and February 1883
Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association Third Annual Meeting with Constitution and By-Laws and List of Members
Practical Instruction in Golf
John Stuart Mill His Life and Works Pp 5-93
Memoir of Cosmo Innes
Military Map-Reading Field Outpost and Road Sketching
Catalogue of the Recent Echinida or Sea Eggs In the Collection of the British Museum Part I- Echinida Irregularia
Miss Tooseys Mission
Mr Websters Vindication of the Treaty of Washington of 1842 In a Speech Delivered in the Senate of the United States on the 6th and 7th of April 1846
Christian Certainties Being Five Short Addresses Delivered in S Pauls Cathedral at the Mid-Day Service Lent 1880
Columbia University Contributions to Philosophy Psychology and Education Vol 7 No 1 Education of the Pueblo Child A Study in Arrested Development
The Riverdale Books Dolly and I A Story for Little Folks
Epidemia Contagion and Infection with Their Remedies An Essay To Which Is Added an Enquiry Into the Nature of the Mode by Which Cholera Is Propagated
Little Folks Books
Modern Science and Anarchism
George Buchanan and His Times
Report on the Climate of Arizona with Particular Reference to Questions of Irrigation and Water Storage in the Arid Region
A Laboratory Guide for the Dissection of the Cat An Introduction to the Study of Anatomy
International Health Exhibition London 1884 Food and Cookery for Infants and Invalids
Entente Cordiale From the Letters of Lieutenant Henri G-
United States No 1 (1904) Correspondence Respecting the Alaska Boundary
Manual of Members Officers and Standing Committees and Rules of the House of Delegates Session of 1887-8
Illustrated Catalogue of the Pictures c in the Shakespeare Memorial at Stratford-Upon-Avon
Field and Laboratory Studies of Soils
Colonial Immigration Laws A Study of the Regulation of Immigration by the English Colonies in America
Guide to the Town and Neighbourhood of Abergavenny
Talks with Our Farm-Servants
Pupils Outline of American History
Judith A Play in Three Acts
Primary Songs No 2
Songs of the Brave The Soldiers Dream and Other Poems and Odes
Jephthahs Daughter
Some Passages in the History of the First Church in Connexion with the Shepard Congregational Society in Cambridge Together with Its Confession of Faith Form of Admission Ecclesiastical Principles and Rules and Names of Members
Ethical Series The Political Re-Organisation of the People
Digest of the Laws and Enactments of the National Grange Including the Decisions of the Masters Executive Committees and Court of Appeals from the Organization of the Order to March 1st 1878
Petrarch and His Influence on English Literature
Ashton Cottage Or the True Faith
Heaths Modern Language Series Selections for German Composition with Notes and Vocabulary
The Housekeepers Apple Book Over Two Hundred Ways of Preparing the Apple
Epitome of the Law of Arbitration and Awards
Gildersleeve-Lodge Latin Series Writing Latin Book Two-Third and Fourth Year Works
Whites Grammar School Texts Selections from Ovids Fasti and Epistles with a Vocabulary
Guy Fawkes Or a Complete History of the Gunpowder Treason AD 1605 with a Development of the Principles of the Conspirators and Some Notices of the Revolution of 1688
Alternating Current Design
Some Early Musical Recollections of G Haddock
Daniel Greenleaf Thompson February 9 1850 July 10 1897
A Thousand Years Ago A Romance of the Orient
Haydn and Other Poems
The Lost Child And Other Poems
Sea Songs
Little Masterpieces Selections from His Essays Letters and Verses
The Medicinal Treatment of Diseases of the Veins More Especially of Venosity Varicocele Hemorrohoids and Varicose Veins
The Itching Palm A Study of the Habit of Tipping in America
Report to the Worshipful Clothworkers Company of London on the Weaving and Other Technical Schools of the Continent
Italy and the Gospel Letters and Discourses of C Curio Translated from the Italian Edition of 1552 with a Sketch of His Life Also a Sermon
Catalogue of a Valuable Collection of Books on America Illustrated Works Ect Belonging to T H Morrell to Be Sold at Auction Jan 12th 13th and 14th 1869
The Family Liturgy Compiled from the Bible the Book of Common Prayer and Other Sources and So Arranged as to Promote United Family Worship to Wich Are Added Prayers and Tranksgibings for Special Occasions
Womens Work in War Time
The Battle of Bunker Hill Or the Temple of Liberty An Historic Poem in Four Cantos
Tales of the Village
Three Greek Tales Pp 12-173
Fragmentary Illustrations of the History of the Book of Common Prayer from Manuscript Sources (Bishop Sanderson and Bishop Wren)
Transactions of the Section on Nervous and Mental Diseases at the Sixty-Fourth Annual Session Held at Mineapolis Minn June 17 to 20 1913 Pp 13-167
Blossom Babies How to Tell the Life Story to Little Children
Love Poems Third Series
Fish Their Habits and Haunts and the Methods of Catching Them Together with Fishing as a Recreation
Christmas at Sunberry Dale A Story for the Young
The War Within Being a Few Admonitory Thoughts Upon Some Modern Temptations
How Numerals Are Read An Experimental Study of the Reading of Isolated Numerals and Numerals in Arithmetic Problems A Dissertation
Biennial Report to the Legislative Assembly 1889
Stepping-Stones to Reading A First Reader
M canique C leste Vol IV
For Whom Christ Died
Doing Their Bit War Work at Home
Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Filson Club Publications Number 9 the Political Club Danville Kentucky 1786-1790
Proceedings of the Southern New Hampshire Bar Association at Its Fifth Annual Meeting Held at Nashua N H February 26 1896
Old English Sports Pastimes and Customs
Autobiography of Col Richard Malcolm Johnston Pp1-188
Ned Wright the Story of His Life
Greek Wit A Collection of Smart Sayings and Anecdotes Translated from Greek Prose Writers
Public Document No 11 Annual Report of the Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners for the Years 1897
A Short Account of the First Preaching of the Gospel by the Apostles Being a Continuation of Conversations on the Life of Jesus Christ by a Mother
Riberside Educational Monographs History in the Elementary School
Hulls Mental Arithmetic a Mental Arithmetic Based on Analysis and Induction
Works Management Library Experiences in Efficiency
Five Sermons on the Nature of Christianity Preached in Advent and Christmas Tide 1846 Before the University of Cambridge
How Germany Does Business Chapters on Export and Finance Methods
Results of Observations of the Fixed Stars Made with the Meridian Circle at the Government Observatory Madras in the Years 1883 1884 1885 1886 and 1887 Under the Direction of the Late Norman Robert Pogson CIE FRAS
Small Books on Great Subjects No XI Christian Sects in the Nineteenth Century in a Series of Letters to a Lady
Field and Laboratory Studies of Crops An Elementary Manual for Students of Agriculture
Ladies at Work Papers on Paid Employments for Ladies Pp1-142
Special Laws of the State of Maine Passed by the Sixth Legislature at Its Session Held in January 1826
Rollos Experiments
Oriental Musings and Other Poems
Transactions of the Third Annual Meeting of the American Laryngological Association Held in the City of Philadelphia May 9 10 and 11 1881
The Common Sense of Socialism A Series of Letters Addressed to Jonathan Edwards of Pittsburg Pp1-183
History of the First Universalist Church in Somerville Mass A Souvenir of the Fiftieth Anniversary Celebrated February 15-21 1904
Physical Laboratory Experiments for Engineering Students Part I Mechanics Sound Heat and Light
Advent of Empire
Talks on the Labor Troubles
Lincoln the World Emancipator
Popular Essays Upon the Care of the Teeth and Mouth
Members of One Body Six Sermons
How Jesus Met Life Questions
Durham Cathedral An Address Delivered September 24 1879
Narratives from Macaulay I the Trial of the Bishops II the Siege of Londonderry III the Massacre of Glencoe
Great Cities and Remarkable Places
New Edition of the Babylonian Talmud Original Text Edited Corrected Formulated and Translated Into English Section Jurisprudence (Damages) Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate Part II) Volume IV (XII) Pp 145-316
Treatise on the Improvement of the Navigation of Rivers With a New Theory on the Cause of the Existence of Bars
Proceedings at the 38th Annual Meeting of the National Civil Service Reform League Held at Philadelphia April 11 1919 Proceedings at the Annual Meeting of the National Civil Service Reform League Held at Philadelphia Pa Dec 2 1915
The Baths of Rhenish Germany With Notices of the Adjacent Towns
The Bronze Founders of Nuremberg Peter Vischer and His Family
Christian Trials a Narrative from Real Life
Lars A Pastoral of Norway
Paul the Interpreter of Christ
Christs Cure for Care
Prayers for Public Worship
The Church Club Lectures Delivered in 1894 and 1895
Balance the Fundamental Verity
Browning Biographical Notes Appreciations and Selections from His Fifty Men and Women
The Key of Libberty Shewing the Causes Why a Free Government Has Always Failed and a Remidy Against It Pp 1-69
Chains A Play in Four Acts
Hebrew Idolatry and Superstition Its Place in Folk-Lore
Inspiration and Truth Frome the Right Reverend Phillips Brooks Doctor of Divinity and Bishop of Massachusetts
The Carib Chief A Tragedy in Five Acts
Honour Triumphant and a Line of Life Two Tracts by John Fordge the Dramatist Unknown to the Editors of His Works and Now First Reprinted from the Original Copies Published in 1606 and 1620
The Blood of the Nation A Study of the Decay of Races Through the Survival of the Unfit
By Violence
Hay Any Worke for Cooper Being a Reply to the Admonition to the People of England
Teachers Manual Or the Best Method of Teaching the Natural History of Injurious and Beneficial Insects
The Pronunciation of Greek Accent and Quantity A Philological Inquiry
The Mission of the American Board to West Central Africa Pioneer Work 1881
Rules for Admission to the Civil Service of the City of Buffalo Session 8 Chapter 354 Laws of 1883 of the State of New York as Amended to November 1890 January 1892
Correspondence and Remarks in Regard to Bishop Doanes Signature of the Name of Horace Binney
Index to Plato and the Other Companions of Sokrates
Ceremonies Connected with the Inauguration of the Mausoleum and the Unveiling of the Recumbent Figure of General Robert Edward Lee at Washington and Lee University Lexington Va Oration Historical Sketch June 28 1883
Fasting Girls Their Physiology and Pathology
The Canticles at Evensong Together with the Office Responses and a Table of Psalm-Tones
Tama The Diary of a Japanese School Girl
American Individualism
Illustrated Biographies of the Great Artists Angiolotto Bondone Called Giotto
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Leonidas Campbell Houk a Representative from Tennessee Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate January 30th and February 9th 1892 52nd Congress 1st Session
Washington A National Epic in Six Cantos
National Contest Containing Portraits and Biographies of Our National Favorites
Missionary Tales for Little Listeners
Helps to Belief Miracles
Anglo-Indian Prize Poems by Native and English Writers Commemoration of the Visit of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales to India
The Life and Public Services of James A Garfield Twentieth President of the United States A Biographical Sketch
A History of the Establishment and Residence of the Jews in England With an Enquiry Into Their Civil Disabilities
Riches Without Wings or the Cleveland Family
Solutions of the Examples Appended to a Treatise on the Motion of a Rigid Body
Outline of the Geology of the Globe and of the United States in Particular With Two Geological Maps and Sketches of Characteristic American Fossils
Clarendon Press Series Outlines of Textual Criticism Applied to the New Testament
Statutes and Enactments Concerning Railways Having Reference to the North Shore Railway of the Province of Qu bec Canada
Fairview Boys on a Ranch Or Riding with the Cowboys
Theodric A Domestic Tale and Other Poems
Labourers in the Vineyard Dioramic Scenes in the Lives of Eminent Christians
Applied Psychology Psychology and Achievement Being the First of a Series of Twelve Volumes on the Applications of Psychology to the Problems of Personal and Business Efficiency
Reflections in a Lent Reading of the Epistle to the Romans
Waltons Normal Series an Intellectual Arithmetic with an Introduction to Written Arithmetic
Heaths English Classics Burkers Speech on Conciliation with America 1775
Boston School Series The Easy Primer
Friendships Garland Being the Conversations Letters and Opinions of the Late Arminius Baron Von Thunder-Ten-Tronckh
The Sisters A Domestic Tale
Intestinal Obstruction
David Western
Pulmonary Tuberculosis Its Etiology Symptomatology and Therapeutics
Essays on the Kindergarten Being a Selection of Lectures Read Before the London Froebel Society Pp 8-149
The Fair Evanthe A Poem in Five Cantos and Other Poems
Ajax Loquitur Or the Autobiography of an Old Locomotive Engine
Memorable Passages from the Bible (Authorized Version)
Principles of Mechanics and Their Application to Prime Movers Naval Architecture Iron Bridges Water Supply c Being an Abstract of Lectures
William Knibb Missionary in Jamaica a Memoir
A Scheme for Imperial Federation A Senate for the Empire Three Articles Reprinted with Additions from the Westminster Review of April July and October 1876
Modern Idols Studies in Biography and Criticism
Pulmonary Consumption Successfully Treated with Naphtha
The University of Chicago the First Part of Sir John Oldcastle A Historical Drama A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Literature
Correspondence Relative to the Budgets of Various Countries
Notes on the Post-Pliocene Geology of Canada With Especial Reference to the Conditions of Accumulation of the Deposits and the Marine Life of the Period
Centennial Celebration Proceedings in Connection with the Celebration at New Bedford September 14th 1864 of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Dartmouth Poem by James B Congdon
Dresden China and Other Songs
Songs from the Novelists From Elizabeth to Victoria
Boodle and Co a Musical Play in a Prologue Two Acts and Epilogue
Lectures on Syphilitic Osteitis and Periostitis
Along the Way
Overtones A Book of Verse
Religion in the Light of Philosophy
The Book of the Peach Being a Practical Handbook on the Cultivation of the Peach Under Glass and Out-Of-Doors
The Golden Age A Satire
Sermons on the Failure of Protestantism and on Catholicity Pp 1-165
Irvines Dictionary of Titles an Exhaustive Work on the Correct Use of Titles and Salutations in Writing and Speaking Upon Original Plans
Chetham Society Vol LXXVI Remains Historical Literary Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester Observations and Instructions Divine and Morall in Verse
The Great Adventure A Play of Fancy in Four Acts
Teachers Manual Part I for Frangs Complete Course in Form-Study and Drawing Book I and II
A Guide to the Ancient City of Winchester and Reminiscences of Winchester A Series of Poems by Christopher Wood
Letters to the Hon William Prescott LL D on the Free Schools of New England With Remarks Upon the Principles of Instruction
Struggles of the Early Christians From the Days of Our Saviour to the Reign of Constantine
Consumers and Social Reform
Experimental Chemistry for Junior Students Part I Introductory
The Worship of God and Fellowship Among Men A Series of Sermons on Public Worship
Premium List of the South Carolina Institute Incorporated in 1850 for the Promotion and Encouragement of the Arts Agriculture Ingenuity Mechanics Manufactures and a General Development of Industry
Americana Germanica Schwenkfelder Hymnology and the Sources of the First Schwenkfelder Hymn-Book Printed in America
The Prometheus of Aeschylus With Notes for the Use of Colleges in the United States
Transactions of the Section on Gynecology of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia Volume for 1907
The Toy Cart A Play in Five Acts
The Materials Used in Sizing Their Chemical and Physical Properties and Simple Methods for Their Technical Analysis and Valuation
James Fenimore Cooper
In Colonial Times The Adventures of Ann the Bound Girl of Samuel Wales of Braintree in the Province of Massachusetts Bay
Report of the Street Railway Commission to the City Council of the City of Chicago December 1900 Pp 1-135
Observations on the Title to Lands Derived Through Inclosure Acts
Transfer of the Coast Guard to the Navy Hearings Before the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House of Representatives Sixty-Sixth Congress Second Session on H R 5516 May 27 1920 Part I
Breakers and Granite Pp 1-161
Architecture Among the Poets
Hay-Fever and Its Successful Treatment
Yale Studies in English XXXVII the Collaboration of Webster and Dekker
Accidents and Emergencies A Manual of the Treatment of Surgical and Medical Emergencies in the Absence of a Physician
Navigation A Short Course Explaining the Principal Problems Met with in Ordinary Everyday Work at Sea
A New Year Offering Miscellaneous Articles in Prose and Poetry
Out West A Story and Guide Book Illustrating with Text and Pictures the Marvelous Resources and Scenes of the Great West
The Three Sorrows of Story-Telling And Ballads of St Columkille
Man a Creative First Cause Two Discourses Delivered at Concord Mass July 1882
An Abridgment of Cases Upon Poor Law From 20 Vict Cap 19 to 26 27 Vict Cap 125 (1857 to 1863 ) in Continuation of Mr Archbolds Poor Law Cases Vol IV
Index to the Fossil Remains of Aves Ornithosauria and Reptilia from the Secondary System of Strata Arranged in the Woodwardian Museum of the University of Cambridge
Live Articles on Suretyship No 2 a Series of Articles Reprinted from the Monthly Suretyship Spplement of the Weekly Underwriter 1918
Try A Book for Boys
Aldas Leap and Other Stories
Sketches of European Capitals
Elizabethan Sonnet-Cycles Delia Diana
Hollis Dann Music Course Sixth Year Music
Sketches of Fallowfield and the Surrounding Manors Past and Present
Southern Educational Association Journal of Proceedings and Addresses of the Thirteenth Annual Meeting Held at Asheville N C June 30-July 3 1903
Students Handbook of the Facts of English Literature Arranged in Classified Outlines
In Purple and Gold
Four Addresses
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Annual Report of the Secretary of Internal Affairs Part III Forty-First Report of the Bureau of Industrial Statistics Or Volume XLI 1913-14
Letters to Rev B Stow R H Neale and R W Cushman on Modern Revivals
Long Casts and Sure Rises Being a Collection of Angling Yarns and Experiences
Hospital Days
Greek Costume Plays for School or Lawn Performance
Two Studies in International Law
Cooperation in Coopersburg
Sunday-School Lessons on the Teachings of Jesus Chiefly on the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables
The Proceedings of the First General Peace Convention Held in London June 22 1843 and the Two Following Days With the Papers Laid Before the Convention the Letters Read c c
The Childhood of the World A Simple Account of Man in Early Times
Centennial Celebration of the Incorporation of the Town of Boylston Massachusetts August 18 1886
Practical Hints on Teaching
Agathos and Other Sunday Stories
Nervous and Mental Disease Monograph Series No 10 Handbook of Mental Examination Methods
Department of the Interior United States Geological Survey Bulletin 439 the Fauna of the Moorefield Shale of Arkansas
Sowing and Reaping Or What Will Come of It
First Annual Report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the State of New York for the Year 1883 [sen Doc No 13]
History of New York In Words of One Syllable
Rough Notes of a Traveller Being an Account of a Trip Round the World Via Ceylon Arabia Egypt Italy France England America Sandwich Islands Fiji c
From Attic to Cellar Or Housekeeping Made Easy
Twenty-Five Cantos from the Divina Commedia of Dante
Gwen A Drama in Monologue in Six Acts
Blue-Bird Weather
Electic Franchises in New York City Pp 267-444
Outlines of the Philosophy of Religion
Burlington Fine Arts Club Pictures Drawings Designs and Studies 1883 Exhibition of Drawings of Architectural Subjects 1884 Exhibition of Drawings in Water Colour and in Black and White
Leisure Hours in a Country Parsonage or Strictures on Men Manners and Books
Landscape Gardening Treatise on the General Principles Governing Outdoor Art With Sundry Suggestions for Their Application in the Commoner Problems of Gardening
Dramatic Idyls First Series
Questions on the Gospels of St Luke John and the Acts of the Apostles
The Voice of the Good Shepherd to His Lost Sheep Being a Practical Exposition of the Former Part of the Parable of the Prodigal Son
Assaying In Three Parts Parts II and III
Transition A Remembrance of Emma Whiting
Earth Sky and Air in Song Pp 1-159
Foul Burn Agitation! Statement Explaining the Nature and History of the Agricultural Irrigation Near Edinburgh
Old German Theology a Hundred Years Before the Reformation with a Preface by Martin Luther Translated from the German
Lays of Many Hours
Stolen Correspondence from the Dead Letter Office Between Musical Celebrities
Ireland A Song of Hope and Other Poems
University of Pennsylvania Experimental Research as a Factor in Commercial Education a Thesis
The Church in the World Or the Living Among the Dead
Searchlights A Play in Three Acts
Songs for Quiet Hours
The Skippers Wooing And the Brown Mans Servant Pp7-186
Studies in Galilee
Steven Crisp and His Correspondents 1657-1692 Being a Synopsis of the Letters in the Colchester Collection
Cosmo De Medici An Historical Tragedy and Other Poems
Christ Is All The Gospel of the Pentateuch Leviticus
Christianity and a Personal Devil An Essay
Chants with the Soul
Publications of the University of Pennsylvania Political Economy and Public Law Series Vol III No 3 The Theory of Dynamic Economics
The Wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson Being Extracts from His Prose and Verse Selected and Arranged
The Chrysanthemum Its Culture for Professional Growers and Amateurs A Practical Treatise on Its Propagation Cultivation Training Raising for Exhibition and Market Hybridizing Origin and History
Round and Through the Wesleyan Hymn Book
Sick and in Prison
National Health
Muhlenbergia A Journal of Botany Volume 1 Number 1-9
The Old English Sheep Dog from Puppyhood to Championship A Handbook for Beginners Pp 1-104
The Nearing Case The Limitation of Academic Freedom at the University of Pennsylvania by Act of the Board of Trustees June 14 1915
The Minster With Some Common Flowers Picked in the Close
Negro Neighbors Bond and Free Lessons in History and Humanity
The Men of the Barma-Grande (Baouss -Rouss ) An Account of the Objects Collected in the Museum Praehistoricum Pp6-142
My Bunkie and Other Ballads
Men and Religion
New Education Readers A Synthetic and Phonic Word Method Book Four Reading for the Third Year
Musings in Verse on the Collects for the Sundays and Chief Holydays
On the Authorized Version of the New Testament in Connexion with Some Recent Proposals for Its Revision
New Elementary Geometry with Practical Applications
Negroes and Their Treatment in Virginia from 1865 to 1867
Narrative of the Expedition Which Sailed from England in 1817 to Join the South American Patriots
Mental Discipline Or Hints on the Cultivation of Intellectual and Moral Habits Addressed Pertiqularly to Students in Theology and Young Preachers
Notes on the Food of Plants
US Department of Agriculture Division of Biological Survey North American Fauna No 16
Notes of a Course of Nineteen Lectures on Natural Philosophy Delivered at Guys Hospital During the Session 1872-73
Observations on the Bill for the Regulation and Improvement of Commons 1876
National Hymns Original and Selected For the Use of Those Who Are Slaves to No Sect
Municipal Improvements A Manual of the Methods Utility and Cost of Public Improvements for the Municipal Officer
Letters Poems Tu Es Brither Jan in the Devonshire Dialect First and Second Series
Milestone Moods and Memories Poems and Songs
Pathfinder Physiology No 1 Childs Health Primer for Primary Classes With Special Reference to the Effects of Alcoholic Drinks Stimulants and Narcotics Upon the Human System
Burning Questions
Chapters on Papermaking Vol IV
Songs Etc from the Published Writings
Public Schools for the Middle Classes
Il Pastore Incantato Or the Enchanted Shepherd a Drama Pompeii and Other Poems
House Committee on the District of Columbia Report of Hearings of June 12 and 18 1902 on S 4825
Capitalist and Laborer An Open Letter to Professor Goldwin Smith D C L in Reply to His Capital and Labor and Modern Socialism a Lecture Delivered at the New York School of Philanthrophy
Journal of a Horticultural Tour Through Germany Belgium and Part of France in the Autumn of 1835 To Which Is Added a Catalogue of the Different Species of Cacte in the Gardens at Woburn Abbey
Songs of Yale A New Collection of College Songs
Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin No 428 University Extension Series Vol I No 4 Pp 163- 309 City Government by Commission
Eleventh Biennial Report of the North Carolina Board of Health

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